2011 Tradeshow – WINNER

Winning the 2011 Best Chest Pack/Vest category at the fly fishing retailer show was excellent recognition for the hard work we and especially Mickey Anderson put into the design. The flask was designed to carry everything you need for a day on the water, except for food, water, and or beer. We improved four unpleasant experiences common to most fly anglers: versatility, weight,flotant and tippet. An adjustable neoprene neck strap that can double as a waist strap, as well as a daisy chain lashing sysem on the back made the flask pack easy to wear as a chest pack, sling pack, hip pack, or sternum strap pack while also allowing it to be lashed to a cooler, pole, or  seat in a boat. Very versatile. We consciously limited the size, width of webbing, size of the d-rings and snaps, and zipper placement to minimize the overall weight of the bag – but kept the shoulder strap big and comfortable.Light weight with comfort. Up until we attached flotant holders to our flask pack, anglers had to either clip their gel or shake to their gear, or put it in a pocket.. Both are inconvienent, and the pocket option results in pockets full of sticky gel or dry shake. Flotant control. We improved the exprience of using tippet by making our holder horizontal so an angler can see the spool and have an easier time pulling off the correct amount. Simple solution to tippet frustration.

By addressing four common irritations of anglers, we created the award winning Flask Pack.