Style Bistro – Father’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

Style Bistro is a Women’s oriented website focused on style and fashion – with about 1 Million viewers a month. As with the Hiffington Post article which included Pops Q Tool in best Mother’s Day presents, it is nice to be noticed by magazines and websites that are more oriented towards women. The PopsQTool is […]

LA Splash Magazine- Barbecue Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Tool Gifts

Here is how they featured the Pops Q Tool- or visit on of the links as they put us in many cool categories – Barbecue Gifts, Graduation Food & Beverage Gifts, and Tool Gift Guide. Being featured in three different “guides” definitely shows the appeal of our grilling multi-tool.

Huffington Post – Mother’s Day Gifts – Pops Q Tool

Excited to be featured on Huffington Post. 40 Million unique viewers a month is some serious traffic, and we hope most of them love what they see on the Moher’s Day Gift guide.  Always great to be recognized on a national/international level. What’s cool about the post is that it is focused on Mothers, whereas […]