Dec 11th Food Drive & Laser Engraving Party at Trout’s Fly Fishing in Denver, CO

Trout’s Fly Fishing in Denver, CO is the type of specialty Fly Fising retailer we enjoy working with. The staff can fish, know their gear, and stock only the best for their customers. We are excited to be back in the shop and working with such a talented and forward thinking crew. We were impressed with their product selection, in addition to the Simms, Sage, Winston, Abel standard selection they carry a number of smaller brands that are Made in America. From smaller reel brands like Natilus and Hatch to really small pack companies like Smith Fly and another from CO that we hadn’t seen before, Rick and Tucker make a point to carry smaller, cooler, brands. We love that attitude with specialty retailers !

We brought the laser to make the day long event more fun and memorable for all their customers. Many left happy with their name on their new RIsing pliers, or their new reel, or their old – but-loved pocket knife, letherman, etc. Always fun to see people get excited about personalizing their gear.

Check out the little corner of their great shop where we spent the day:

Big THANKS to Trout’s for a good day and start to awesome relationship. If you are in the Denver, CO area go check them out and if not they have great website where you can get all he cool gear they stock –