Fall Key Dealer Visits – W. Yellowstone/Island Park

Fall is when we visit with key dealers in their shops, and fish epic rivers as time permits. Started the fall trips in West Yellowstone visiting long time dealer Bud Lilly’s, and becoming more familiar with the crew at Blue Ribbon Flies – which has an impressive fur pelt selection and fly tying section.. Fall snowstorm and the start of the Govt sequester shut down had driven away almost everyone, so had enough time for serious conversations.. This was especially the case with Mr Streamer Kelly Gallyp. He has made an important contribution to fly fishing with his effective, unusually named, articulated flies. If you are in the area, stop in to buy streamers from teh man himself, or stay at the Inn – Galloup’s Slide Inn.

Wrong turn out of the Slide Inn on the way to Island Park required some 4×4 action with the trailer.

But, small price to pay for the good camping spot, and chance for more meetings with great dealers.

Island park has two of the best, right across the road from each other: The classic Henery’s Fork Outfitters and the newly enlarged Trout Hunter.. Both shops have great staff and are experts on the technical water out their doors. Trout Hunter has the added bonus of having a great restaurant/bar on premise that serves Black Butte Porter on Tap..Excellent