FlexFit – LifeCycle

Rising FlexFit caps come in two sizes: S/M & L/XL.. When trying them on go for the tightest fit you can handle, becuase they stretch with use. But once you have stretched the hat to fit your head, it holds it shape for months. As you can see by the small image, the feel of the hat is maintained throughout it’s life cycle – right up until it earns retirement.

After numerous experiments, and dozens of well-worn hats, we have arrived at the best method for getting the custom fit you want as quicly as possible – water. Get the hat wet, and wear it until it dries out. IF you can do this for a couple days in a row your hat will form to your head. Works great to dunk the cap in the water while fishing if the weather is warm, if not, then wear it around the house..

here is a larger image of the hats, without our time line.