Great Net Review from our friends at Headhunters Fly Shop

John and Julie Arnold of Headhunters Fly Shop in Montana know the game of fly fishing, spending great amounts of time mastering their local waters like the Mighty Mo’. They were one of the first shops to go ahead and give our new Aluminum USA Made Nets a try right before Christmas 2014 when we just launched the net. We were excited to offer the fly fishing world a net that was a little bit different than most as we were making our nets out of Aluminum rather than the typical woods or composite nets you have seen over the years. Here are a couple of things we loved to hear from their review:

1.) They talked about the net being “the right size” for them to use. After testing multiple lengths of handles we are confident that our 3 different sizes of handles for the Rising Nets can meet any of your needs whether you need a smaller net to hike into the woods with, or a net for a guide to use as a wading staff, and finally, the boat net to give you an extended reach to scoop your trophy fish into the drift boat.

2.) You won’t need to baby this net, we built our NETS to last and be put through the paces on and off the water!

Check out the full write up here on Headhunters Blog: