How to Replace Your Net Bag

Alright, the time has finally come! Here is our step-by-step tutorial on how to properly change out or replace a net bag on a Rising Net! Luckily for you, replacing the net on a Rising Net is much more simple than having to thread and string up a wood or composite net that you see around.

Replacement Net Bags


Part 1: Removing the Old Bag:

1.) Remove the Acetal Bolt that holds together your net handle and net hoop.

2.) Pinch the bottom of the hoop together, so there is less tension on the net bag.

3.) Grab ahold of the net bag where the last loop is over the bottom of the hoop, be sure to pull on the net bag and not the loop to help stretch and pull over the bottom of the hoop.

4.) Pick a side of the hoop and work the net bag around that side slowly working a loop off of the hoop until you have 3 loops off of the hoop.

5.) Once the 3 loops are loose you can work the net bag around the hoop until all the loops are removed and now the bag is off the hoop.


Part 2: Putting on the New Bag:

1.) Start by threading each loop of the net on one side of the hoop, making sure you go the same direction through the loops each time.

2.) Slowly work the net around the hoop as you are threading each loop until there are 3-4 remaining not on the hoop.

3.) Pinch the bottom of the hoop together to help create less tension on your net bag and thread the remaining loops as before until you have just one remaining.

4.) The last loop is the most important step and is often where people are confused… The last loop on your new net bag must go over both ends of your hoop and not just one like all the previous loops. To do this grab ahold of the net bag below your last loop and have it centered over the bottom of the hoop pinched together. Pull the last loop over both ends of the hoop.

5.) Insert the hoop back into the handle by matching up the logos on the handle and measurements on the hoop in the same direction. Line up the holes and reinsert your Acetal bolt and you are ready for the water!