Huffington Post – Mother’s Day Gifts – Pops Q Tool

Excited to be featured on Huffington Post. 40 Million unique viewers a month is some serious traffic, and we hope most of them love what they see on the Moher’s Day Gift guide.  Always great to be recognized on a national/international level.

What’s cool about the post is that it is focused on Mothers, whereas most people upon seeing our magnificient 6 tools in 1, BBQ Multi Tool exclaim “tht would be great for Father’s Day.” Seriously, happens at least 70% of the time.. So it’s great to see Huffington Post recognize the benefits for women and mothers as well.

Here is what they had to say:

4) “Dad, put down your weapon and back away slowly.”
For years now, Dad has been burning the steaks and overcooking the chicken at the family BBQ. Perhaps it’s time to turn over the grilling reins to Mom, subtly of course. The Pops Q Tool comes in two lengths and can be engraved with the chef’s name, leaving no doubt about who should be doing the cooking. Price: $50.