Nets – Questions & Answers

“I do not see the option to choose your colors on a TwoTone Net before I order?”

Our website is not quite set up yet to let you choose your color options on the TwoTone Nets so what we do is confirm with you after the order is placed on what colors you would like for the Hoop, Handle, and EndCap.

“Do you make custom Nets?”

On occasion, we have extra time in the year to make custom-length Handles for our Nets, it all just depends on how caught up we are in the manufacturing process to meet the current orders for our dealers.

“I have the brookie net but need to replace the netting. I would like to replace it with a deeper net. Are my only options the 11″ of depth?”

As of now, we only offer one size of  Net Bag that will fit on the Brookie Net Hoop and that would be the bag that is 11″ deep, but it does have some stretch to it since it is made of a rubber silicone material

“Do your nets float? “

Our Nets do float, but not like a wood net floats since they are made of Aluminum. The Handle and Hoop are both sealed with special plugs and an adhesive/glue so that they are waterproof and have an air pocket with helps with the Nets buoyancy. The silicone/rubber bags are much of the weight so that are can pull down a bit.

“What is the largest Net Bag you offer your Lunker Net?”

The largest replacement Net Bag would be our Lunker Net XL Bag, it is 22″ deep and can fit the Hoop on the Stubby Lunker Net, Lunker Net, and Boat Net”

“Can you put a logo on a net handle?”

We can definitely engrave a logo on a Net for you, we would just need the logo to be sent to us and also your order #.

“Do you offer an extension piece that can be used on your nets? If so what length extensions are available?”

We do offer an Extension for your Nets. Your Net must be the newer version of our Nets with threads on the bottom of the Handle so that the Extension can be attached. The Extensions come in a length of 14″

“Can you put two extensions on one net handle?”

You can add two Extensions on a Net Handle. We have seen quite a few anglers go with this style of Handle set up so they can have three different lengths based on where they are fishing.

“Can I order just a handle for your nets?”

Typically, we do not sell the Handles or Hoops as individual products. This is because we have changed up some of the design and manufacturing over the years and not every Hoop or Handle on older Nets is compatible with our current manufacturing. If we have some photos of where your Hoop and Handle are connected then we can determine if a current Handle at our HQ would work with your Hoop setup.

Can your nets break down for travel?

“Yes, all of our Nets are easily taken apart. You just need to remove the bolt or screw that connects the Handle and Hoop. When doing this it is important to use something like a rubber band or the screw to hold together the two arms of the hoops so the tension on those does not tear a loop on your net bag.” Also, if the Hoop section of the Net is too large to fit in your travel luggage, we do offer a version where the hoop is split in half and to make it more compact for travel purposes.”