Bob – Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Super Cool Gifts for the DIY Dad

As they wrote at – “The Ultimate must have for the grill-savy Dad.”  Nice and concise and exactly what we have been saying for years. It is especially nice to read praises for our grilling multi tool from people who know tools. Pretty sure the crew at have seen ever hammer, wrnech, drill, […]

Style Bistro – Father’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

Style Bistro is a Women’s oriented website focused on style and fashion – with about 1 Million viewers a month. As with the Hiffington Post article which included Pops Q Tool in best Mother’s Day presents, it is nice to be noticed by magazines and websites that are more oriented towards women. The PopsQTool is […]

LA Splash Magazine- Barbecue Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Tool Gifts

Here is how they featured the Pops Q Tool- or visit on of the links as they put us in many cool categories – Barbecue Gifts, Graduation Food & Beverage Gifts, and Tool Gift Guide. Being featured in three different “guides” definitely shows the appeal of our grilling multi-tool.

Huffington Post – Mother’s Day Gifts – Pops Q Tool

Excited to be featured on Huffington Post. 40 Million unique viewers a month is some serious traffic, and we hope most of them love what they see on the Moher’s Day Gift guide.  Always great to be recognized on a national/international level. What’s cool about the post is that it is focused on Mothers, whereas […]

USA Love List – Pops Q Tool in Ultimate American Made Grilling Source Guide

If you have spent any time on our website, you know we are pretty psyched about products designed and manufactured in America, which is why nearly 50% of our product line is American Made.. Like you, we spend time crusing around the internet and chekcing out sites  – which is how we came across USA […]

Solid Review of our Pliers by

Have had an ongoing email exchange wtih Jason Ryburn who blogs at  Sad to say the first email was a warranty claim for a pair of Bobs Tactical Scissors that somehow slipped through our Quality Control process (unlikely) or was mistakenly packaged on our large production table from the “bad pile” thinking it was good. (more likely)..regardless […]

1st Review for Pops Q Tool from Ph.B BBQ Blogger !!

Mike Stines, Ph. B. reviewed both sizes of our popsQtool for the last month. He just posted his thoughts on the product on the great, popular BBQ oriented blog It was exciting for us to talk with Mr Stines during his review process as we really want more American’s to know about our great […]

Dec 11th Food Drive & Laser Engraving Party at Trout’s Fly Fishing in Denver, CO

Trout’s Fly Fishing in Denver, CO is the type of specialty Fly Fising retailer we enjoy working with. The staff can fish, know their gear, and stock only the best for their customers. We are excited to be back in the shop and working with such a talented and forward thinking crew. We were impressed […]

Fall Key Dealer Visits – W. Yellowstone/Island Park

Fall is when we visit with key dealers in their shops, and fish epic rivers as time permits. Started the fall trips in West Yellowstone visiting long time dealer Bud Lilly’s, and becoming more familiar with the crew at Blue Ribbon Flies – which has an impressive fur pelt selection and fly tying section.. Fall snowstorm and the […]