American Made – Machine DownTime

American Made has many advantages over foreign production. We utilize used machines to create our products in the most cost effective manner possible – we also fix those machines when they break down.. Many of you have asked about our manufacturing, and the machines we use. So thought would included some pictures of our recent […]


What we don’t make ourselves, we contract out to manufacturers overseas, and when we receive those production runs we have to do serious quality control. We take great pride in our designs, and our quality control processes. Each tool has to pass a flex test, cut tippet in 3 areas along the blade, be properly […]

FlexFit – LifeCycle

Rising FlexFit caps come in two sizes: S/M & L/XL.. When trying them on go for the tightest fit you can handle, becuase they stretch with use. But once you have stretched the hat to fit your head, it holds it shape for months. As you can see by the small image, the feel of […]

2013 – Machines instead of Tradeshow –

2013 FFR tradeshow was in Las Vegas, NV. We couldn’t justify the trip expense – not with a shop full of new (to us) metal fabricating machines. Small business is about making choices, trade-offs, and making the best of each situation. Fabricating machines are essential to building the products, and company we want moving forward.. […]

Fishing with Kids

Few picts showing the fun, quality time we have on our local river with our girls. Less fish hooked per trip, but more smiles and happier little girls. Easy to get them away from cheap plastic toys and TV with flowing river and some basic little spin rods. Youngest gets plastic toy to throw, oldest […]

Idaho Angler – 20 Year Anniversary !

Boise, Idaho is witnessing an impressive feat – Idaho Angler’s 20th Anniversary party. It was a fun day in a great town celebrating 20 years as the plae to get answers and fly fishing products in Boise.  Boise is home to Waterworks Lamson main office and manufacturing, and it was cool to meet Luke at […]

Spring Key Dealer Visit

BIG thanks to Chris Fischer for letting me borrow his shell for my new F350. Great truck, but need shell for extended road trip and didn’t have the cash to buy new one. Good friend, please check out his game changing organization OCEARCH.ORG.. Off to visit dealers in Oregon and then onto The Fly Shop’s […]

The Fly Shop – 2013 Catalog

The Fly Shop’s 2013 catalog just arrived ! Mike’s crew out in Redding, CA is excellent and we’ve been lucky to have earned a place in their inventory offerings from our first year out. We always appreciate their support, and hope you will ask for a catalog if you don’t already have one.