Solid Review of our Pliers by

Have had an ongoing email exchange wtih Jason Ryburn who blogs at  Sad to say the first email was a warranty claim for a pair of Bobs Tactical Scissors that somehow slipped through our Quality Control process (unlikely) or was mistakenly packaged on our large production table from the “bad pile” thinking it was good. (more likely)..regardless it was lame, as we hate to have any angler experience problems with out tools. Fortunately, Jason was understanding and graciously accepted our warraty offer of replacement pair, plus other “thank you” gifts – Rising pliers, Diamond File, etc.  Fast forward a few months and he has posted a great review on these same products.

Two main things stand out in this review: 

1. He took the time to use all the pliers (except Big Needle) before writting about them, so that he had real world examples in his evaluation. He also compared each plier to other Rising offerings as well as basic generic hemos.

2. His pictures were informative – they helped reinforce his points and were not just selfies or pictures of fish.

This is the kind of review we like to read about any product we are intested in buying, and are certain you will enjoy it as well – please check it out at