In 2004/05 Dylan Rothwell started RISING. Previous work with Vortex Backpacks and William Joseph had given him confidence in his own design skills, as well as a love for the outdoor recreation market. From the beginning, the focus at Rising was to design and build products that would improve the fishing experience – be that on the water, on the road, at the tying table, or chilling by the campfire.

Our first products shipped in Jan 2005, and we continued to march to our drummer for four more years. In 2009 we entered into an exclusive distribution deal with Umpqua Feather Merchants. As the largest manufacturer of flies in the world, they were a natural partner for us: they were large, well funded, well staffed and had room in their large warehouse – we were small, cash strapped, and had run out of room in our basement. The arrangement worked well for both companies – but in summer of 2012 we made the decision to go our separate ways.

As of the summer of 2012 we are now back flying solo, and marching to our own beat (which is reggae oriented friends). We did so because we have re-committed to manufacturing as many of our designs in house as is feasible. In house production required new machines, new warehouse, and new partners.. We’ve expanded the ranks with incredibly diverse talent – Mickey, Lance, Robin, Rancher, Fischer, Whalen, and Erin to name the most prominent.