Watercraft Accessories Review from The Gear Institute

Watercraft Accessories Review from The Gear Institute Here at RISING we are constantly thinking of intuitive ways to make the angling experience not only more enjoyable but also developing accessories that are functional and not just some random piece of gear that ends up sitting on a shelf in the garage or basement. Dan Nelson […]

Awesome NET Review from the crew at Lunker Vision!

Jeremy Black and the crew at Lunker Vision are a group of anglers, guides, and people who just love the outdoors, espcially chasing trout all around the Western United States! We got to know Jeremy through a couple of our fishing buddies here in Utah that had nothing but great things to say about him […]

Great Net Review from our friends at Headhunters Fly Shop

John and Julie Arnold of Headhunters Fly Shop in Montana know the game of fly fishing, spending great amounts of time mastering their local waters like the Mighty Mo’. They were one of the first shops to go ahead and give our new Aluminum USA Made Nets a try right before Christmas 2014 when we […]

Bob – Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Super Cool Gifts for the DIY Dad

As they wrote at – “The Ultimate must have for the grill-savy Dad.”  Nice and concise and exactly what we have been saying for years. It is especially nice to read praises for our grilling multi tool from people who know tools. Pretty sure the crew at have seen ever hammer, wrnech, drill, […]

Style Bistro – Father’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

Style Bistro is a Women’s oriented website focused on style and fashion – with about 1 Million viewers a month. As with the Hiffington Post article which included Pops Q Tool in best Mother’s Day presents, it is nice to be noticed by magazines and websites that are more oriented towards women. The PopsQTool is […]