1st Review for Pops Q Tool from Ph.B BBQ Blogger !!

Mike Stines, Ph. B. reviewed both sizes of our popsQtool for the last month. He just posted his thoughts on the product on the great, popular BBQ oriented blog burn-blog.com. It was exciting for us to talk with Mr Stines during his review process as we really want more American’s to know about our great product and he is a well-followed expert.  Turns out he likes the 18″ length the most..and he knows his BBQ !

With His permission, we are reposting the review here:

I really, really dislike single use cooking tools. As Alton Brown says the only single use tool in your house should be a fire extinguisher and I agree.

I recently received a popsQtool from popsQtool.com and it’s a great multipurpose tool for backyard cookers. The two laser cut utensils combine a spatula, fork, serrated knife, bottle opener and grill cleaner. When the fork and spatula sections are joined, the two tools become tongs. How can you go wrong with that combination? Six tools in one!

Another neat feature is they will customize your tool with your name (or whatever you want on the handles) at no charge. The blades can also be customized with logos or other information at a small charge.

Dylan Rothwell of Salt Lake City, Utah created popsQtool after watching his father cook with less than efficient grilling tools for many years. Since he had a full metal working shop to manufacture fishing tools, (risingfish.net), it was relatively easy to make a 304 stainless steel BBQ tool for his dad. It is available in 15 and 18 inch lengths… I recommend the 18-inch size just to keep your hands away from the flames.

Made in the USA with American products the popsQtool is well worth the $49.99 for the 15-inch model or $59.99 for 18-inch version. The product has an unconditional warranty. As Dylan says: “If you are not happy with our gear at any time for any reason, get in touch with us – we will make it right.” That’s customer service I like. More information is at their website.

Check out Mr Stines, Ph.B website –  CapeCodBBQ.com Like his logo for sure –

Even more impressive, check out Mike Stines Ph.B. credentials –