American Made – Machine DownTime

American Made has many advantages over foreign production. We utilize used machines to create our products in the most cost effective manner possible – we also fix those machines when they break down.. Many of you have asked about our manufacturing, and the machines we use. So thought would included some pictures of our recent work on our Mori-Seiki lathe…The lathe has lost it’s neutral position, which is a little sketchy to say the least. As you see from the picture, our lathe has been through a coupls shops. Old #92 has been ridden hard and put away wet, but it’s still capable of decades more service.. Cast iron strength with new(er) electronic controls.

We looked at all the sensors and relays and even with LaMont’s skills couldn’t identify which one was off..

Chasing the elecrical current, trying to see what is preventing the proper signals from reaching their target.

Lathe has 6 of these, one or two is out of whack and messing with our manufacturing mojo.

Have the parts in hand, now waiting for our friend LaMont to come help with the re-install.. We are lucky to have mt LaMont at one of the used machine shops in Salt lake City.. We were ignorant novices in the world of complex CNC machines, but we are quick studies, and LaMont with the tatoo of fly rod and fish on his arm befriended us ! Yes, fellow angler and machine repair tech – perfect combo ! – Check his site out, he travels all around the world repairing and retroFitting CNC mills, lathes and builds complete automated production lines.