Awesome Net Review from the crew at Lunker Vision!

Jeremy Black and the crew at Lunker Vision are a group of anglers, guides, and people who just love the outdoors, especially chasing trout all around the Western United States! We got to know Jeremy through a couple of our fishing buddies here in Utah that had nothing but great things to say about him and the crew.

The guys at Lunker Vision have a great blog up and going and have been providing the fly fishing industry with valuable reviews and tips for the last couple of years, when they aren’t out on the water fishing themselves they are typically putting their clients on trophy trout in Idaho and Nevada!

The crew has been using their Rising Nets all summer and getting some great use out of them! They hit it on the nose with this review, as we take pride in the durability and useability of our nets whether you are scooping a fish, needing extra support, or a wading staff, and celebrating those victories on the water with some spirits from our Flask Handle!

Read the full go here on their blog: