What we don’t make ourselves, we contract out to manufacturers overseas, and when we receive those production runs we have to do serious quality control. We take great pride in our designs, and our quality control processes. Each tool has to pass a flex test, cut tippet in 3 areas along the blade, be properly balanced and aligned, and operate smoothly. Fixing probem pliers to achieve Rising level of quality takes time, but that is why our tools are the best – we take the time.

Looking at some serious QC time

The business end of the Nippa. Has to be sharp, straight, and aligned.

This pair didn’t pass that test

Nippas more numerous but only couple areas to check, less Pliers but more features to insure are working well.

We keep the drift boaat in the shop sometimes to remind us WHY

Can you tell which tip is better ?

For the angler who likes to de-bard smaller flies….our attention to detail makes a difference. Neither of these tips are Rising quality.