All Day Pack – Questions & Answers

We do our best to explain how our products should be used on their respective website pages as well as on the packaging that comes with each product. But we know their fit and function can occasionally be confusing and so we wanted to clear up some common questions for you regarding our All Day Lumbar Pack.


Question from Adam – “I’ve never had a pack like this before and I’m not sure what it’s supposed to fit like. I’m used to just a standard backpack which is nice and snug in the shoulders. The lumbar pack seems extremely loose in the shoulders to the point where I can just slip my arms out… Is this correct? I’ve tightened all the straps as tight as I can.”


Answer from RISING Founder, Dylan – “Looking at your picture, it looks like the pack is too high on your body. Ideally, the middle of the waist belt will be on the top of your hip bones. The best way to get your fit dialed is to load the main pack with gear so there is a bit of weight, then cinch down the waist strap around your hip bones – followed by shoulder strap tightening.

The shoulder straps are there to carry the load when you are hiking into the river. Once you are fishing, you can unclip the strap over your casting shoulder and attach it to the other side. You can see webbing straps on top of the shoulder strap, this is for threading the shoulder strap you are not using onto the one you are, keeping it in place.  Or you can fish with both shoulder straps on if you like.”


Adam – “Wanted to report back and let you know all is well. Fits perfect after your awesome directions. Maybe a video on it could be good down the road? It’s such a unique pack and really well made!! Are they made in the USA? ”


Dylan – “Negative on made in the USA for the pack.  I’ve had this design for years and tried to make it in the USA with recycled waders and then again with contract seamstresses but nothing worked. Made overseas in a factory that makes high-end backpacks.

We are planning on doing more videos like you asked about, thanks for additional prompt”